If you need to be towed, we have the equipment needed for all types of vehicles, whatever the situation.


Whether for legal or mechanical reasons, SPEDYFIX will be happy to assist you with our towing services.

Towing light vehicles

We are equipped to tow all types of vehicles. Whether the vehicle has 2, 3, 4 or 6 wheels, or even more, whether it is a road or an off-road vehicle, we have the right towing equipment. We also have trailers with flatbeds that are lower than average to tow your lower suspension vehicle without damaging it.

Towing trucks with heavy or super loads

Notwithstanding the size or weight of your vehicle, SpedyFix is up to the challenge! With our expertise and our specialized equipment, we can safely tow heavy loaded and superloaded trucks.

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Towing of RV and antique vehicles

We are specialized in all kinds of motor vehicles and we take a very special care and use precision with antique vehicles.

Towing charge service

If you have problems with your parking lots, SpedyFix has the solution. The towing charge service we can provide will help you get rid of intruders.


SpedyFix likes challenges, whether your vehicle is on solid ground, on a dirt road or even in water. SpedyFix has a strong expertise in the recovery of all kinds of damaged vehicles. We're there to help you in the most delicate situations, by day or night. We're well aware that accidents can be the cause of much worry. By letting us help you, we'll take the load of your shoulders, in a short delay.

The SpedyFixteam has been trained to retrieve the merchandise safely and without damaging it or the vehicle. If there is a spill of environmental contaminants, SpedyFix can thus limit the zones of contamination.

We can also help you in case of a tragedy/accident, all through QUEBEC & ONTARIO and US.