Car Lockout Solutions


24/7 Car Key Services

When it comes to car lockout the one truth we at SpedyFix know we can count on is that at some point in everyone’s life this frustrating situation is going to strike. Whether it’s in the middle of the night and keeps you out late or interrupts life and ruins your day it happens.

No one wants to encounter car lockout! If there were a secret to avoiding it we’d give it to you willingly! But there really isn’t. As professionals we will advise this though: the best thing you can do to avoid the stress of car lockout tomorrow is prepare today! Just by keeping SpedyFix in your phone you are helping protect yourself from the stress of car lockout no matter when it strikes. Even better is the fact that with our single number in your phone, you’re prepared for not only car lockout, but also any car trouble that might befall you! We offer complete roadside assistance, from refilling gas tanks to fixing flats and cutting keys and we promise it all at fair prices and with the most professional service out there.

Why Call A Professional?

It’s a fair question that many people ask. “What in the world do I need a professional for? I can just unlock my car myself!” This is not always the case! Here at SpedyFix our professional emergency technicians are highly trained for car lockout. It’s not rocket science, but it’s definitely a tricky business unless you have the right tools and the knowhow to go with it. Many people do more damage to their car than is ever necessary as they attempt car unlocks they shouldn’t have to do.

Calling for a professional means having our full arsenal of tools at your disposal. And if you’ve lost a key or broken it in the ignition there’s more than one step to getting you back on the road. With security systems as complex as they have gotten it’s a lot smarter to simply let the experts handle a quick car unlock. Plus our technicians will show up by your side in no-time and resolve the whole situation in mere moments. The real question is, why not call a professional when they have so much to offer you?

Not Just Picking Locks

Here at SpedyFix it is our experience that helping with car lockout is about a whole lot more than just picking a lock. You might break a key in the ignition, lose a transponder key or damage a lock. SpedyFix technicians on the other hand know how to fix each of those situations far cheaper than any dealership will. That’s right, we provide key cutting, transponder key programming and locksmith services on the spot and cheaper than your dealership. You can save yourself time and money by calling SpedyFix for help with any car lockout situation. Let us show you what real professional service is! 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!