Boosting a Car in no-time


Spedyix has the equipment to boost your vehicle, notwithstanding the size of the engine. We have a 24-hour service rapidly available to boost your battery. You can count on our efficient and professional work.

Battery Boost & JumpStart

Often times we park our vehicles and keep the power on for a couple of reasons or forget to put off the lights inside, these and many other practices causes the battery to drain out faster.

At SpedyFix, we offer jumpstart and battery boost services should you encounter a dead battery and need help urgently.

We are committed to giving you the best battery boosting/jump starting service you can ever think of in the shortest possible time with our specialised jumper cables or booster packs. We do not want you to get stranded at any time so kindly contact us should you need a jump start for your dead battery at any time of the day, our technicians will be with you in the shortest delay.

With SpedyFix, you will not need to tow your vehicle at a higher cost for dead battery issues.