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We pride ourselves on being a helping hand for Canadians during good days and bad days.


Roadside Assistance

Spedyfix provides 24 hours assistance services throughout the QUEBEC & ONTARIO for all classes of vehicles, providing efficient and cost effective solutions. We offer a transparent range of products and assistance for our clients, with efficient operating services, building strong relationships with quality and reputable Businesses without sacrificing our independence and brand values.We make it our business to ensure that every member or caller receives the attention they need from quotation through to application and breakdown.

It is the goal of Spedyfix to provide customer satisfaction at all levels of service from initial contact to how we handle a complaint. We aim to foster a climate of continuous improvement where all processes are constantly evaluated for added value. Quality and continuous improvement are the guides for every employee and partner in an effort to uphold our brand values and in turn promote growth and stability.


Exotics and luxury cars

Our company goal is to offer the perfect selection of the finest exotics and luxury cars as well as premium chauffeur service for short to long-term needs.
The concept behind our company is very simple: founders and team understand the value of service, well-prepared vehicles, knowledgeable staff, and a simple and direct client qualification process. This Division of the company was created by exotic car enthusiasts for exotic car enthusiasts.
Location Platinum offers the best experience of exotic and luxury cars by eliminating the hassle and time waste of ownership. Our team has extensive experience within the luxury service market, and pledge to provide professional and efficient client care. Spedyfix offers a premium chauffeur service, making it easy to get to your destination in style. Our professional chauffeurs are trained to make your trip more pleasant than just driving. After a long, draining flight our chauffeurs will be there to help you carry any heavy luggage to the car, and take you away to your destination in the utmost comfort. Not too familiar with the city? We choose drivers who have great knowledge of the area, adding more to your chauffeur experience. No matter the occasion - from airport transfers and city tours to wedding and business shuttle services.


Spedyfix has been helping Canadians stay safe, mobile, and protected.

We are strong advocates and a voice for our Members on issues such as road safety infrastructure and consumer rights. We offer a number of products and services, ranging from Spedyfix, home and auto insurance, travel services and travel insurance.

We are in the fortunate position of working with some of the largest Brokers, insurance Companies and service providers. However, our customer base is wide and varied ranging from the smallest owner/operators to the largest Broker in QUEBEC & ONTARIO.


We are obsessed with Member safety.

Our mission is to help Canadians stay safe, mobile and protected – whether on the road, at home or abroad. We help make our Members’ days better.

We do what is right for our Members – after all, we are all Members too!


Being care-driven : We always do what is right for our Members.

Being collaborative : When we work together, we can accomplish great things.

Leading by example : We are ethical, accountable and honest.

Being innovative : We strive to always do better and never settle for the status quo.




Working Closely With Brokers

If you are a broker and your client requires TOWING for a domestic or commercial vehicle we have a wide range of packages available with market leading commission rates.


Supplier Services

If you have the skill and dedication for one of the above services, apply now to join our supplier network.
- Mis-Fuel :Do you offer 24 Hour Mis-Fuel Roadside and Forecourt services?
- Locksmith :Can you supply 24 Hour lockout, replacement key or programming services?
- Car / Commercial Tyres :Are you available for 24 Hour Roadside Assistance for repair or replacement tyres?


Accident Recovery

If your vehicle has been involved in an accident and you're not sure what to do. Simply call We will arrange for your vehicle to be collected immediately from the scene of the accident and towed to a safe destination of choice by one of our dedicated recovery agents. Just tell us where you are and we'll come and get you.
You don't need to be a member to use this FREE service, and as long as your vehicle is insured comprehensively there will be no charge to you, we'll deal directly with your insurance company. Don't worry, even if you only have third party insurance you can still use this service FREE, we'll be glad to assist you.